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How VoIP will grow your business

In some of our early blog posts, we explored the inner workings of VoIP and SIP – both of which are functions of IP or “Internet Protocol.” Of course, it is great to learn something new and understand how these technical things work, but when it comes down to it, what we all want to know is: What can it do for me? How can it help my business?

 Today, I’m going to do my best to answer this for you. There are many benefits to VoIP and SIP and when their capabilities are combined with certain hardware and software, they become powerful cost-saving, money-making tools! How do you ask? 

  1. IP Phones have built-in features, meaning no additional charge for things like voicemail, call-forwarding, caller-id, etc. These items are things that the phone company can, and does charge you for when using traditional analog phones. 
  2. IP Phones have auto-attendant built in – meaning your customers are always greeted in a consistent, friendly manner and are able to get to the right person without having to be transferred repeatedly. Happy customers have higher lifetime value.  
  3. IP Phones can easily integrate features like Music-on-hold or On-hold messaging. Since 60% of customers put on silent hold NEVER call back – avoid losing customers who are calling you!  
  4. Built-in IP phone call forwarding features like Find-Me, Follow-Me and Remote Office provide 24/7 connectivity to your business. If you cannot make it into the office or are out on another call, you can make sure you never miss another potential sales opportunity again! 
  5. Utilizing high-speed Internet is a great way to unify your business communications. Your phone and computer are working on the same network – meaning these devices can “talk to each other” and work together for the benefit of you, your business, and your customers!  
  6. Many times, broadband Internet service can be less expensive than traditional analog telephone service from the phone company. By using broadband for telephone service and Internet, you are eliminating a redundant utility cost and saving money.
  7.  Overall, these state-of-the art phones save you time and money – giving you MORE OF BOTH which means you can use these extra resources to grow your business and your bottom line!

 What are some other tools you are using to make your business more efficient?

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3 Responses to How VoIP will grow your business

  1. Phone System says:

    Hi, megan. These are the absolute best benefits that a businessman should expect out of VoIP, so thank you for sharing them. My question is this: why are there some supposed built-in features that some VoIP providers still charge you for?

    • megan says:

      Good question. The business phone systems that we provide to clients include a phone server. By having the business telephone server right in a company’s office, they have control over the entire system and there are no residual fees unless they chose to add on additional phones or needed to place and in depth service call (if they chose not to make the changes themselves). The VoIP providers you are speaking of likely provide a “Hosted Solution” for clients. One example is OnSIP. With a hosted solution, the server is housed/managed by an outside party, rather than the business itself, leading to additional fees.

      If you’d like to know more about owning a business phone system vs. utilizing a hosted solution, I encourage you to read our Blog “The dirty lowdown of hosted phone systems.” Obviously, we don’t believe this is the best choice for businesses due to the long term costs, but some individuals do choose to go this route.

      • megan says:

        Hello again,

        I just spoke with one of our technicians, and he informed me that there are certain business phone systems that do not include some of the built-in features that I mentioned in my original post. At Phoneworx, the options we provide (Allworx and certain Cisco products) do include these features. However, there are systems out there that may not. As a result, these other systems may require extra costs to “add on” certain features which may not be built-in to one particular business phone system versus another.

        I hope that helps to provide some additional clarification.

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