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Stop Burning your Company’s Hard Earned Cash!

Recently, Phoneworx’ technicians met with a client, we’ll call him Joe, who had stumbled upon a very disconcerting discovery. Joe had been leasing a business phone system for at least seven years, maybe longer. It included eight phones in the office and seven remote. He never had reason to review the bills; until the leasing company told him he either needed to sign an extended 3-year contract or forfeit his equipment. It was at this point Joe made the following realization:

“In reviewing my lease documents and phone bills, I realized I was burning cash!”

Over the last seven years, he’d spent close to $100,000 between telephone bills and lease payments. I know, this sounds crazy, but with a monthly phone bill over $600 and a monthly lease payment over $300 the costs added up quickly.

Floored by this discovery, Joe contacted Phoneworx looking for an alternative. Our technicians discovered that he had not only been leasing very old phone technology (circa. 1990), his phone bills were high due to the necessity of using traditional analog phone lines. We also found additional line item fees on the bill for everything from Caller ID to Call Waiting.

So, what now? Well, first we shared a couple of important facts with Joe:

  1. Phone technology is advancing at a tremendous rate. With any business phone system 5-years-old (or older), you are not taking advantage of new technology – which not only saves money, but also saves time and allows businesses to provide a better customer experience.
  2. Old telephone technology often utilizes traditional analog phone lines, rather than Internet-based lines (VoIP). By switching to a VoIP business phone system, Joe could significantly reduce his monthly telephone bill by removing charges for additional lines and long distance calls.
  3. The phone company charges additional fees for items like Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Voicemail. Conversely, VoIP phone systems have these features built-in, meaning no additional costs.

Overall, by replacing Joe’s current leased phone system with a new, state-of-the-art VoIP business phone system we were able to help put out the flames! In less than two years, he will be able to recover the cost of the new phone system. What’s more? Going forward he will see substantial cost savings. Joe will be able to use this savings to grow his business, rather than kindling.

So… if your system is five-years old or more – don’t you think it’s time to stop fanning the flames??

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2 Responses to Stop Burning your Company’s Hard Earned Cash!

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