Simple & Reliable

If you are looking for a simple new phone system that will last a long time then this is the system for you.


This is a basic phone system that has all the capabilities that a small business might need but without the cost. This is a non-VoIP capable system that works with regular phone lines.

This very dependable phone system will give you a leg up over your competition. It has an optional Voice Mail with Auto Attendants, which can give your business a larger presence to your callers. We have a variety of phone systems that can fit each company’s needs. This system can easily accommodate up to 24 users.

  • This system will do everything you want and is a very easy switch over for most companies
  • Phones come with 8 or 16 buttons to accommodate large offices for a small price
  • Easy to use and operate makes for a smooth transition in the office
  • Built to last phone system
  • System is Voicemail capable
  • Phones with multiple extension and line appearances
  • Intercom capabilities
  • Transfer options / Conference call options
  • Music on Hold option
  • Conversation Recording
  • Live Call Screenings
  • Park and Page Feature