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More, you might need a new business phone system if…

OK, I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath, unable to hold back your excitement for this next installment!!   Every day we encounter new and “interesting” phone systems – some of which are older than me – and we simply cannot resist sharing with you yet another top 10 things that indicate you might need a new phone system… Here goes!!
You might need a new phone system if…
10.   The speakerphone used to belong to the Moonlight Drive-in.
9.       A redneck installed your phone system.
8.       The Geek Squad refurbished it in the late 1990’s.
7.       The server cabinet looks like a refrigerator.
6.       The phone rings after you answer a call.
5.       The phone has a beer belly.
4.       You have to unplug your phone to hang up.
2.       It requires a quarter to make an outbound call.
3.       The music-on-hold machine only plays 8-tracks.
And finally, the number one reason you might need a new phone system…
1.       The filter is dirty.
What’s in your phone closet???



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