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Even more, you might need a new business phone system if…

So you thought we didn’t have any more ammunition on this one right? But just like our buddy Jeff Foxworthy, we keep finding interesting tidbits that we just can’t help but share with you! Remember, it’s about taking joy in the little things, so here is yet another top 10 things that indicate you might need a new phone system… (and the trumpet sounds) ba ba ba BAAAAH!!

You might need a new phone system if…

10. The phone server sits on concrete blocks.
9. The phone server is wrapped in a hefty bag.
8. Your phone system gets more vacation than the CEO.
7. You need a ballpoint pen to change the day and time.
6. The handset looks like a Chia pet.
5. A museum curator tries to buy it.
4. It has two adjustable antennae.
3. It only has twelve buttons.
2. The phone system was involved in a federal crime involving large farm animals.

And finally, the number one reason you might need a new phone system…

1. Your voicemail system has trouble remembering all of the messages.

What’s in your phone closet?

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