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How to use your phone system to grow your business

 Right off the bat, you’re probably thinking, I know how to use my phone system… It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that we use it to make and accept phone calls. That’s it. It produces no revenue, only expense.
Newsflash! You can actually use it to GROW your business.  How? Keep on reading…
Imagine two, almost identical, small businesses in the same community. They offer similar services, have the same number of employees, pursue the same customers, and have similar prices, features, etc.  Truly, there isn’t a great deal differentiating one from the other. Sound familiar?
If you find yourself in this situation, here’s how you can boost your sales and take market share away from your competitor(s). Get a new phone system!
Your phone system is your company’s other front door. It’s the first, and many times, the last chance to make the right first impression.
Let’s go one step further.  Let’s say these look-a-like businesses are travel agencies. Susie, a potential customer, dials the first only to be greeted with someone who woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Let’s be frank, it happens to the best of us. “Red’s Travel,” he says, quite crabbily. Susie wants to know about a destination in Hawaii. Oscar the grouch puts her on hold… silent hold. A minute (which feels like an hour) later Susie, confused by the dead silence, hangs up. She figures either Red dropped the call, hung up, who knows – she’s gone, period.
Frustrated, Susie calls the second travel agency, located just across the street. A professional, pleasant voice answers, “Hello and thank you for calling Blue Waves Travel Agency, your source for the best travel deals.” Auto-attendants are NEVER in a bad mood. A greeting menu routes the call to an agent, and while she waits, ocean sounds reminiscent of a far-away exotic destination are played via the phone’s music-on-hold system. This calms Susie down and makes her feel like she’s already left… This not only enhances Susie’s experience, it builds trust, and sets Blue Waves apart. By the time the agent picks up the phone, she is more than ready to book her tropical get-away.
See the difference now? All things equal – a phone system with prompt, professional greetings and relevant music-on-hold is a great way to differentiate your business and outshine your competitors. Your phone system can be an effective marketing tool. Use it!
If you happen to be in a grouchy mood or if you’re still not sure if you need a new phone system, be sure to visit our blog next week to read “You might need a new phone system if…”
The man with the plan!
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3 Responses to How to use your phone system to grow your business

  1. Phone System says:

    Hi, Terry! I totally agree that having professional greetings via auto-attendant and music-on-hold is very beneficial for business. But I have to ask: do you think that there is also a risk of over-relying/misusing these features?

    • I think music-on-hold is a must because it supports and helps to build brands. Auto-attendants on the other hand CAN get out of hand. I thinks it’s always good to actually speak to your customers. An auto-attendant is great for greetings but then, talk to your customers! Don’t rely on a machine to build relationships.

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