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Change is inevitable. Make sure you’re ready!

Change is one of those words that can induce many different emotions within a company ranging including, but not limited to, excitement, apathy or even fear.  During my years in business and also in my studies, it’s become apparent that, inherently, most people tend to avoid change. People and businesses get comfortable in their routines, their level of knowledge, and even their level of success. So, why break from the status quo? Well… because you must.

One of the most important things leading to personal and business success is the ability to adapt quickly to change. Innovation and agility are what have made companies like Google, Groupon, and Apple so successful. These companies never allow themselves the chance to get too comfortable – and because of this, they’ve been able to remain a few steps ahead of the competition. For other companies who may not be in such “innovation-focused” fields, the ability to deal with change can be a make-or-break situation.

As a business owner, just as in any personal endeavor, you must be able to accept the need for change and be able to adapt to things that change beyond your control. Am I saying you need to have an exit strategy? No, nothing that drastic… But – you should have the ability to act quickly and move in a positive direction. Why? Because, in general, business owners and managers have a great deal of influence over setting the tone for employee and customer reactions.  If you are confident in your ability to handle changes, and in the necessity of making positive changes, those connected with your business will be much more at ease.

Overall, as I said at the start, change is inevitable.  We live in a world where a new innovation, technologies, gadgets, etc. seem to change daily – and it’s important for us as small business individuals to utilize these to our full advantage. Whether it be adapting to and embracing VoIP technology and its many benefits (as we promote here at Phoneworx), dealing with a staffing change, or upgrading to the newest technology, those who do it well are sure to succeed for years to come.

Above all, don’t fear change – embrace it.

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