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Your company website is essential in building customer relationships

Since we launched Phoneworx in January of this year, we have been made increasingly aware at how the world is shifting in terms of getting to know local businesses. We’ve run a really dynamic postcard campaign to introduce ourselves to the market. In the past, if someone had received our postcard in the mail and were interested, he might call us to inquire and find out a little bit more. Not today.

As we review our web traffic, we are finding that the World Wide Web is the first place people go to find out more information about a business. Even if they were referred to you, they still want to know your company’s story – where you’re from, who your people are, and how you’re different before ever picking up a telephone. Beyond this, even with our direct mail campaign, approximately 30-40% of our jobs come from someone finding us through Google (or other search engines) on the web – and we wanted to be darn sure once they found us, we didn’t lose them.

Based on this, we took a hard look at our original company website.  It was functional, but not as customer-focused and user-friendly as we knew it needed to be.  Customers need to get to know you, like you and even begin to trust you through your website – we knew we needed to “refresh” our message, content and look in order to get over that hump.

Overall, we’ve learned that 70% of Americans use the internet to find and research products and this number is growing every day. Having a website, and even better a quality-built website, can really be a driving factor in why someone chooses your business over the competition. If your small business still doesn’t have a website, or it isn’t delivering how it should, maybe it’s time to do something new.

Just as your business phone system can impact your image, ability to grow, and bottom line – so can your website.  Both are platforms to stay connected to and build relationships with your clients, and both are integral to success in today’s information age.

Can your prospective customers find you online?

If the answer is yes – will what they find entice them to call you? Would it entice you as a customer?

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