Give your small business a big voice.

Cisco Small Business Systems include many built-in features including voicemail, telephone call processing, automated attendant, and conferencing.

Boost retention and save time by responding to customers faster and save money by making long-distance charges a thing of the past.

System Features:

  • VoIP Capable Phones: Reduce or eliminate costly long-distance charges on your phone bill
  • State-of-the-art phone system server: Provides control and a unified communications solution
  • System capable of handling a maximum 24 users, each with individual voicemail boxes
  • Phones with multiple extension and line appearances
  • Intercom capabilities
  • Transfer and conference call options
  • Voicemail-to-email options
  • Music on Hold is standard
  • Group Ringing
  • Accommodates up to 6 Wireless phones, utilizing server Wi-Fi connection
  • Easy to move – unplug, move to new location, plug back in – it’s that simple

Additional Features and Benefits:

Built in wireless router – Allows employees to be more productive and collaborate better through access to company applications and information from any location. Integrate your calendar, email, and customer relationship management programs and other existing desktop productivity applications.

Secure routing – Defend against viruses and greatly reduce business risks from other security threats. An advanced phone system can grow and adapt to your changing business needs – without added capital costs.

Voice and data together – Integrated communications found on Cisco phones, allow employees to make voice calls and access corporate data – like company directories – quickly and easily, no matter where they happen to be working.

Intuitive, easy-to-use phone features – Take advantage of inclusive phone system features. Cisco phones have speakerphone, redial, call transfer, conferencing, paging, intercom, volume control, message-waiting and voicemail indicator lights, mute key, headset usability, call history directories and much more.

Cisco Small Business phone systems are affordably priced, reliable, and stylish. These phones provide an intuitive, rich user experience with wideband audio to connect employees and office; application support via phone to enhance productivity; and encryption for enhanced security.