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Can you hear me now?! Call clarity and its impact on your business

The words above have become somewhat famous from their prevalence in Verizon Wireless’ advertisements – they might even make you chuckle as you recall a particular ad. Still, in business, the idea behind them shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Have you ever called a business for the first time and had difficulty hearing the individual on the other line? Has the main business contact number ended up to be a mobile phone, with poor call quality and an even more miserable connection? Even worse, during that first low-quality call, did your call get dropped?  If any of these have happened to you – did you call back?  I know that I didn’t…

If there is any other company in town that does the same things as one with a terrible business phone system, there’s a pretty good chance I’m going to call them before calling back to deal with the headache of a spotty connection.

Like it or not, customers continually expect exceptional service quality – and your phone system is a big part of any sales or service interaction. A low-quality connection can impair your ability to hear a customer and vice versa – and having to ask that individual to repeat themselves can cause frustration and loss of trust in your abilities to adequately meet his or her needs. Trust me; customers are judging a great deal more than your phone system during that first telephone interaction.

Start thinking of your business telephone system as your company’s “other front door.” If you covered the door to your office in barbed wire, it wouldn’t be very welcoming, now would it? By ignoring poor call quality, you’re essentially doing the same thing, but it’s even worse as most clients call before coming to your office location. But don’t fret! There are ways to improve call quality – even if you’re in a somewhat rural area. Phoneworx offers new VoIP phone systems known for exceptional, reliable call quality. Utilizing a high-speed Internet (broadband) connection, these systems are much less likely to be affected by weather, construction, animal interference, coverage areas, or other factors that can impair mobile or analog phones.  

So, if you find yourself frequently asking clients “Can you hear me now?” or if your relying solely on mobile phones, take a second look from a customer perspective. Would you call you back? Not sure? Give us a call – we’ll talk options!

Until next time – Megan

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