Allworx Phone Systems

Your business CAN have it all

Built-in transition from traditional telephone lines to internet-based lines (VoIP).

It’s true! Your business really can have it all

Unlike many competitors’ systems, Allworx gives you the luxury of choice in telephone technology. Our systems support traditional phone lines as well as internet-based (VoIP) phone lines – in any combination! Adapt new technology all at once, or build up gradually. No need to purchase new equipment to leverage the power of the internet. It’s built in! Calls continue to work like your traditional phone system, so the switch to an Allworx system is transparent. Our systems are ready when you are.

But don’t think we compromised on features

Allworx is the only VoIP system available with a complete feature set for small business.

  • Phones that work anywhere – Remote users connect instantly using an ordinary broadband connection
  • Superior build and high definition sound – You’ll notice it immediately. So will your callers
  • Find me, follow me calling – Never miss a call again
  • Built-in voice mail – No need for add-on equipment
  • Built-in auto attendants
  • Multi-site – Connect your branch sites seamlessly
  • Much more

simplicitySimplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication

Our systems simplify use and training. Customers repeatedly claim that Allworx’s intuitive interface makes it the easiest system to use and administer. Move, add or change a phone without service calls!

More savings for you

Our pricing is straightforward and simple saving you money. No additional charges for connection to VoIP, or remote user connections. No third-party hosting fees. No per-user license fees. No limitations on voicemail access. No additional charges for firewall.

Supercharge your business

Each Allworx system offers flexibility, expandability, and unbelievable features, making them the perfect phone systems for the modern age. No matter what your communication needs may be, Phoneworx has a system for you.

Allworx 6x

Designed for companies with up to 60 users, the Allworx 6x system is an excellent choice for most small businesses looking to save 30 to 50% on their telephone and operational costs.

  • Works with traditional and VoIP phone lines
  • Up to 6 incoming traditional phone lines or unlimited VoIP phone lines
  • Site-to-site networking, up to 100 sites
  • Nine unique built-in auto attendants
  • Built-in voice mail with Unified Messaging
  • Conference calling – 4-way conferencing
  • 2010 Best Channel Product, Business Solutions magazine
  • 2007 product of the year, Communications Solutions magazine
  • 2006 Product of the Year, Internet Telephony magazine

Allworx 48x

Supports up to 250 employees per site, the Allworx 48x is designed for the mid-market enterprise space and small companies preparing for future growth.

  • Works with traditional and VoIP phone lines
  • Offers 2 T1/PRI interfaces each supporting any mix of voice and data
  • Site-to-site networking, up to 100 sites
  • Nine unique built-in auto attendants
  • Built-in voice mail with Unified Messaging
  • Conference calling – Four conference bridges with up to 30 users per conference

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